An exciting day, the mail lady brought me two little surprises:

1. The newest issue of SEW Somerset where I contributed art work.

2. A real snail mail letter, a little piece of art itself, from a friend.

wpid-img_20141122_104125.jpg wpid-img_20141122_111120.jpg

I bought a Loteria game from my local Rancho Market – a Hispanic grocery store.  I love the images on the cards and game boards, because they are very simple and almost vintage looking.  I decorated some matchboxes with them, and that was OK but it didn’t completely satisfy me.  Last night I tried to make greeting cards, and these are the results.wpid-img_20141003_084502.jpg

On a recent trip to Portland I picked up a little tiny flower that I later learned is Fuchsia.  I tucked it between pages of my journal.  As I picked up the journal the other day to record a thought that came to me, the fuchsia flower fell out.  At that moment I also had a couple of Speedball rubber blocks for stamp carving sitting out at my table.  That was convenient.  So I carved out a fuchsia stamp and completely forgot what I was going to write in my journal.

wpid-img_20141001_185250.jpg wpid-img_20141001_175207.jpg

A friend asked if I have any new work that may fit a theme ‘The little black dress’.  I was honest, I didn’t have anything along those lines, but I never want to disappoint people.  Especially if what they ask for gives me a creative challenge.  I told her I can come up with something.  And yesterday I ended up creating 15 cards, each one different, each one stitched.

dress card 1 dress card 3 dress card 4 dress card 9 dress card 10 dress card 11 dress card 12

In the last couple of months I’ve attended a monthly ATC swap at the local craft store.  It’s been a fun experience to trade your creations for other artist creations.

Tonight is the night of the monthly craft swap, and out of 4 themes I picked one: Cute but Evil.  Here is what I made to trade.