Simple stitching with little scraps can be very therapeutic.  These collages started on a small embroidery hoop, but since I’ve taken them out and working on making them something different.  Not sure what yet.

I am happy it’s August, because that means only 2 more months of heat.  After over a decade in Arizona, my memories of summers past is sort of distorted.  I can’t remember if I felt as hot last year, or any of the years before.  I also don’t remember what I did last year to… Read More

What can you do in 100 days?  I wrote a letter/card/note a day as part of The 100 Day project.  It was challenging to find people to write.  It was also challenging to figure out what to write that the recipient will not have heard about already from social media etc. After the first 30,… Read More

Wow!  I am very honored to have my work on the cover of SEW Somerset.  It wasn’t on my ‘to do’ list of goals.  It feels good and scary at the same time.  Scary because…why me?  And because ‘what if I run out of ideas of what to make?’  Then I snap out of it,… Read More

The 100 day project is half way through.  Here is a glimpse of letters, cards and postcards I mailed out to friends and family members and anyone who asked for a little surprise in the mail.  If  you are on Instagram look up what other folks are doing #the100dayproject

About a month ago or maybe more I took a watercolor workshop by Ken Oliver at the local craft store, Craft Fusion.  I came home armed with 6 basic color of Ken’s product, Color Burst, grabbed some stencils I had on hand and started playing.  I don’t think I have the color coordination down yet, so… Read More