The 100 day project is half way through.  Here is a glimpse of letters, cards and postcards I mailed out to friends and family members and anyone who asked for a little surprise in the mail.  If  you are on Instagram look up what other folks are doing #the100dayproject

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About a month ago or maybe more I took a watercolor workshop by Ken Oliver at the local craft store, Craft Fusion.  I came home armed with 6 basic color of Ken’s product, Color Burst, grabbed some stencils I had on hand and started playing.  I don’t think I have the color coordination down yet, so I limit myself to two similar colors to start.  Once those dry, I add an opposite.  I like the contrast.  I like the layers of vivid colors.  But I have to be very very careful not to make mud.

And I got lost in the process.  Spraying water, sprinkling color burst, using a heating tool to speed up the drying process, then going back with more colors.  Layering stencils, some store bought, some home made.  I made so many pages that at first I didn’t know what to do.  So I used them to make journals.  And I took a bunch to the Vision Gallery in downtown Chandler to sell.



From time to time, completely disconnected events in my life, find a way to connect and as a result I am able to find an explanation for my present state of affairs.  This is how from a Ted Radio hour, I am now taking part in a event/movement called The 100 Day Project.  Here is how it went.  Some time ago I was driving in my car and as usual I was listening to NPR.  Ted Radio hour was on and the topic  ‘To The Edge’  covered speakers sharing their experiences about pushing the limits of human endurance.  The one that stuck with me was Roz Savage, an ocean rower.  Ok I admit, it probably stuck because she is a woman, someone to look up to.  She is the first woman to row solo the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Ocean.  So I picked up her book ‘Start rowing, stop drifting’.  Then some time later, I am not even sure how I stumbled upon a post on about taking the leap and doing that one thing that has been calling your name from the inside of you, when you sleep, when you are alone with your thoughts.  In her story that I read on Medium,  Elle Luna mentioned Roz Savage, same Roz I just finished reading her book.  I liked Elle’s story so much that for some time I’d re-read it regularly.  And I started following her on Instagram.  She recently shared on Instagram The 100 Day Project.  And that brings us to the present moment and me deciding to take a part.

It’s a 100 day of making or doing something.  There are no rules, except to show up and do that one thing every day for the next 100 days.  It could be: dancing, writing, painting, doing an act of kindness, going for a walk….you get the idea.  You pick, and you do it.

I picked 100 days of letter writing.  It could be a post card.  The important thing is to send something to someone in the mail for the next 100 days.  Day 1 was today.

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After almost two years of planning and postponing a sewing date with a friend it finally happened.  She wanted to make Ipad covers and brought over a box full of scrap fabrics, some already pre-cut by the previous owner into quilting squares.  She really wanted to take my now two years old Bernina for a spin, and check out the Juki serger I got last winter.

After our afternoon together I stayed in my craft room almost all day.  The results – 4 rag quilted purses.



On the north side of town there is a Butterfly Wonderland.  It’s a sanctuary and a visit there will give you the pleasure of a 3D movie on the migration and the life of butterflies, followed by an area where you can see hundreds of them in the form of chrysalis, and at the end an area where thousands fly free landing on you and the plants around.

I visited this place about two weeks ago.  The visit inspired me to make some cards.